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Upcoming Events

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We are looking for vendors for 

Health & Wellness Village 


Unbar Cafe

12635 Larchmere Blvd

Cleveland, Ohio 


We are looking for health and wellness, holistic, positive brands for this event

Spaces Open

Vegan items


Organic items

T Shirts w/ positive affirmations

Cultural Clothing

Custom items w/ positive affirmations



Healing Jewelry

Massage Therapist

Yoga Instructor

Essential Oils

Yoni Steams


Handmade Jewlery (No Paparazzi

Personal Trainers

Financial Advisors 





** A full payment must be made to ensure your space at this event**

1. Vendor shall have access to the location agreed upon by the parties no less than 1 hour before the Event's commencement for the purpose of setting up Vendor's vending station, goods, and other things necessary and reasonable to vending at the location.

2. Vendor shall not vend any goods or services other than those described herein at and during the Event without the Host's written consent.

3. Vendor's will be provided a designated space as their vending station. Vendor will be provided a 6ft table and 2 chairs

4. Vendor's shall be clothed and groomed in a clean, neat fashion and shall conduct themselves in an orderly fashion.

5. Vendor’s are allowed to use signage and props for promotion of their business (in moderation), but no loud music, noise, or sound amplification devices shall be used by vendors at the location. Vendors shall not display any items with offensive or drug related content.

6. Vendor shall have access to the location for up to 1 hour after the Event's conclusion at 6:00pm to dismantle and remove all things brought to the location by Vendor unless the vendor will be participating in the extended vending time 6pm to 11pm. Vendor shall leave the location clean of trash and substantially in the condition it was before Vendor occupied it.

7. If the event is cancelled by the Host the Host will provide a full refund within 14 days of the cancellation. If for any reason the Vendor is a no show to the event a refund will NOT be issued no exceptions!

8. The vendor acknowledges that foot traffic and sales are NOT guaranteed and therefore the event host and all of its staff are not responsible for the loss of sales, or no sales at all. 

9. Vendor hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Host and its staff against any damages or claims that may arise in connection with Vendor's presence at the Event and Vendor's activities of any kind.

In witness to their agreement to the terms of this contract, the parties affix by checking the box in the vendor registration


Vendor Registration 

Select Vendor Fee

Thanks for registering.

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