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Sire (n).

All natural bath and body products designed with our men in mind. With a variety of body butter, body mist, facial scrub, beard balm, beard wash, and shower gels
Sire(n.) will have you feeling like the King you are!

Whipped Shea butter keeps the skin healthy to prevent skin problems from returning. It is ideal for all skin types due to its ability to absorb easily into the skin, instead of sitting on top of the skin. Whipped Shea butter also conditions and softens hair. It is ideal for retaining and sealing in moisture.

Beard Balm is usually for beards and facial hair that can be a bit unruly. Our butter and bee's wax based balm will make it more manageable. Mixed with natural oils like grapeseed oil makes it more dense. You will be able to sculpt and tame your beard or facial hair with our Beard Balm.  

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